Services and differentiation

Specialized and legalized translations
Our Romanian translation services offer specialized translations that cover the financial-banking, audit and accounting, legal, tax law and technical fields. Our expertise in these areas further enables us to have a professional approach when it comes to complex documentation, the result being more quality for the customer. The translated documents can be subsequently legalized at the notary public, if necessary.

Foreign language courses
The language courses are specialized courses covering the financial-banking, accounting and tax law fields. Courses are offered by academic teaching methods employed by top 100 universities globally. The courses are tailored to the needs of multinational companies and SSC/BPO centers, not mere training programs.

The management of translation and localization projects
You can outsource translations and the coordination of financial and support services at SSC and BPO multilingual level, thus reducing costs and decreasing the time spent on your internal resources.


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